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What is Powerbocking?

Imagine being able to bounce everywhere as though you had a trampoline on each leg.
Welcome to our world.

In the simplest terms, Bocking is strapping some bouncy aluminium stilts to your legs that allow you to jump much higher than normal.
It is great fun and good exercise and a really good confidence builder.

It is called Bocking or Powerbocking after the German inventor Alexander Bock.
The stilts are made of an aluminium frame and a fibreglass/carbon fibre compound leaf spring that runs down the back. They attach to your legs and are secured just beneath the knee and on your feet. Walking in them is not so different to normal peg stilts but put a little weight into your stride and you start to feel the bounce-back power of the spring.

Learning to bock is a little weird at first because your brain doesn’t understand what’s happening but it soon figures it out. First you learn to walk confidently in them and then a little jog before learning to jump on two feet.
Jumping on two feet is the crucial element to bocking and is really what gives it the power to perform tricks and flips. Although everyone wants to be able to front and backflip on stilts, it is something that takes a lot of practice and training at our gym sessions.
Anyone who thinks they can simply buy a pair and go to their local park and try a flip is asking for trouble or a trip to A&E and that’s if they’re lucky.