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Welshbockers History

In October 2006 the Welsh Bockers was founded by Matthew Lock and Jonathan Davies who came into the sport of Powerbocking by simply searching the internet for funky sporting gadgets which lead onto the discovery of the video. The rest as they say, is history =)

This club has literally grown from just 2 people living in neighbouring towns and stumbling upon websites featuring these stilts. From just being spotted bouncing around the towns of Cardiff, Caerphilly and Barry it has attracted new members almost every month, eventually leading to a new branch forming in Swansea.
With no real athletic experience or knowledge of forming a club the bockers were stunned to realise that local councils, sport organisations and the Welsh Assembly government were completely shunning them for the simple reason that bocking is so new and so different.

Ever since the Welsh Bockers was formed, a search for a suitable indoors venue has been ongoing with little success. Talks have taken place with local Councils (cardiff, caerphilly and the vale) and also with various insurance companies but the biggest stumbling block has been that the sport has no guidelines and associations and it is difficult for the sport to grow in any sort of organised manor.
Whilst we appreciate the policies of the authorities, we are hugely disgusted with their lack of support in any capacity.

Swansea bocking history…

It all started back in 2007 when one day Ricky Killeen saw Evil Mark bouncing along the high street in town. Immediately he went home and searched online for crazy bouncing stilts and a few months later Rickie had his stilts and had soon found Mark on a online forum known as

Mark had met the Welsh Bockers before and it wasn’t long before Ricky got involved too. It started as just a few hours down the Waterfront museum but then it was time to take a step further. By April, the Welsh Bockers had grown and were travelling all over the country to meet other bockers they had met online. One weekend after their long and tiring trip to a Gymfest in Lincoln; Ricky, Mark and the Welsh Bockers finally met up in Aberavon on a glorious day where we spent a joyful afternoon talking and showing the people of Aberavon what we had to offer.

This was just the beginning, and soon the number of bockers in Swansea was on the rise thanks to our forum and also This is where we met fellow bockers Tim and Joe for the first time. This was also back in December 2008, and everything has totally changed since then and there are now over 11 active bockers in our Swansea Branch. In Summer of 2009, the branch was finally official and it was trial and error to try and develop the branch as much as the H.Q has developed over the past 2 years. Now we are getting involved with all kinds of communities in the area to show them what the Welsh Bockers have to offer as entertainment and all round family fun. We have also started getting access to a local leisure centre on regular bases, therefore we have had a chance to hold member gym sessions and also have members of the public to attend.

The future of the Welsh Bockers is looking very bright and we will hopefully be able to grow even further and we can develop the sport in a wider scale.