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Public Gym Sessions

Public bocking sessions are now happening every other Saturday at Penarth Leisure Centre
Prices are, £10 per person for 1 hour (this includes the hire of stilts and one on one tuition).
If you have you’re own stilts the price is £10 for the 2 hours, or £5 for 1 hour.

Full details can be found here. All places must be booked in advanced.
There are no Public Session as of yet, check back soon!

Welcome to the Welsh Bockers Powerbocking Community!

Powerbocking or Bocking is a crazy and exciting sport where you bounce on a pair of jumping stilts!

It is fantastic fun, sort of like having your own trampoline wherever you go and it also gives you a big workout.

We take health and safety very seriously, as with any extreme sports. We strongly recommend safety wrist guards and elbow pads along with knee pads and if it’s your first time on stilts, we make sure you are held up until you can get your own balance and even then we give you 1-on-1 instruction until you are capable of walking and jumping confidently on your own.
Raising funds has been a constant uphill struggle for us. As we are the first jumping stilts club in the UK there is not yet an association or governing body which we can be affiliated with. This is a requirement for any funding applications with the local councils or lottery organisations and until such a thing is in place we pretty much have no chance of obtaining funding this way. Which has meant the Welshbockers has been funded entirely by its members and is something we’re quite proud of as we’ve achieved rather a lot.

We’re always on the look out for companies interested in sponsoring us so if you think you might be up for it, get in touch today!
Club membership costs £40 per year and is entirely optional. The main benefit of the club membership is that you are then covered by our liability insurance which means you can come to the training sessions at various leisure centres and be involved with any work, events or festivals we are involved in.
Full details about the club membership can be found here.

We love getting involved in all kinds of different events. we’ve featured at extreme sports festivals, music festivals, community events, fundraising events, carnivals and parades and promotional work for companies and clubs all over South Wales and beyond.