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We all have our definition of what the “ideal dog” is. He may be a German Shepherd or a police dog, although for some, however, he is the Hound who climbs over the luggage at the airport and can find the hidden contraband. Despite their differences, they are all dogs to Man, animals that can contribute their work and companionship, sometimes better than another human being. The dog is no different from human nature in the essentials and also needs to work, exercise his abilities, and be applauded by them, which prompts him to learn a little more each day. It is not a relationship of “servant to your master,” but the exact meaning of what we understand as “society,” in this case, made up of humans and animals. These references are what makes the dogs genuinely have earned the title of “man’s best friend,” and friend is not the same as a lackey or a slave.

Today, although the dog is one of the most common pets in the houses, what they do, and sometimes why they do it, is, for most people, a mystery. The dog that is able to close a door that should not be open, that remains hours and hours waiting for the return of his master without protest, the same as he who receives all the family members in uproar, even those whom he has not seen for months is, above all, a being as emotionally involved as the human being. But the dog is not allowed to be righteous; it must only be obedient. Modern society requires it, and if you have a dog, your safety and tranquility demand it.

You must train him to become a disciplined and active member of your home; otherwise, no one will enjoy his presence. Fortunately, educating a dog takes less work than doing it with a human and once learned the lesson, it never forgets it.

Bocker, the mixed breed of Beagle and Cocker Spaniel, is possibly the most common breed and known thanks to its elegance, character and of course its great social gift internationally.

The Bocker is relatively small in size although some specimens are somewhat larger than usual and maybe medium in size. The character of this Bocker breed is enviable, it is a very cheerful and fun race, affectionate and respectful even with the smallest of the House.

Very intelligent and very lively, although this does not mean that I do not love spending long hours sleeping anywhere comfortable in the House. Because of its level of activity, it is recommended from a minimum age a good education, long walks and a lot of social life.

Feeding and accessories for the care of the Bocker dog

We offer you the best food for your Bocker breed dog. You can choose from the best brands of high-quality dog feed to feed your pet. We advise you to feed them Grain-Free, natural food, all these foods were selected so that your dog has the diet it deserves.

Accessories are also a very important part of the care and well-being of your Bocker and have a full life. In this way, you will find specific products for each breed, such as feeders, toys and transporters, and travel accessories, bed for this case. We have a wide variety for you to choose the item you like best and best suited to your pet’s needs.

Cleaning and hygiene is a critical point to take into account, as it can have a direct impact on the health of the animal. For this purpose, we offer dental hygiene products, antiphrastic for dogs, and other hygiene items and brushes.