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Buying Stilts

Buying stilts isn’t complicated but there are a lot of sites and shops out there that don’t know what they are talking about and some may even be selling you illegal stilts which are terrible in terms of quality.

We’ve been around since 2006 so we know all the brands and what their good and bad points are.

At the moment in the UK you really only have a choice of two brands – Poweriser and Projump.
Both have been around for a while and are very good stilts. Previously you could also buy 7 League boots and PoweriZers (now known as powerstriders but are not widely sold in the UK).

In late 2010 Projump introduced a new model called the Exo and we believe these offers the best value for money on the UK market today. Not only do they not bust your wallet but we tested the prototype model for many months and most of our members now use these themselves.
There are two types: Standard which are about £150 and have a black steel frame and the Exo Pro which are £210 and come in a silver aluminium frame. The pros are about half a kilo lighter and come with calf cuffs and a quick release lever so you can adjust the calf cuffs quickly and precisely without taking a spanner to your stilts.

There is an old rule that you need to buy a spring that is 10kg above your weight. This rule applied to older models that are discontinued now.
This rule no longer applies.
Buying the correct stilt is as easy as weighing yourself. So go stand on the bathroom scales with your clothes and shoes on and see what it says. You then match up your weight to the categories available which are split into 10kg increments.
For example if you weigh 72kg then you would buy 70kg springs. If you weigh 78 kg then you would buy 80kg springs.
We must point out there is no way we can tell you exactly what weight spring to buy. Some people are more athletic than others and it has been known for someone weighing 68kg to use 80kg springs.
It does not matter how tall or short you are or what shoe size you are.
The table below is for Adult stilts. Junior stilts are also available for people under 60kg (typically kids under 11).

60-68 KG 9.5 – 10.5 Stone 60KG
68-78 KG 10.5 – 12 Stone 70KG
78-88 KG 12 – 13.5 Stone 80KG
88-98 KG 13.5 – 15.5 Stone 90KG
98-105KG 15.5 – 16.5 Stone 100KG
105-115KG 16.5 – 18 Stone 110KG
Don’t forget you can get an exclusive discount from Projump.
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