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History of Bocker Dogs

There are many types and breeds of dogs; the bocker dogs stand out. History has it that, somewhere around North America, in the late 1990s designers began the mixing of Beagles and Cocker spaniels to produce the Bocker breed of dogs. The aim of these dog breeders in those days was to produce a mixed breed of dogs with minimized health issues and a better companion dog. Amazingly, the demand for this new breed increased massively, and this led to the production of more and more of the Bocker dog breed.

It is not out of place to state that, bocker dog breeds inherited the best features from their parent breeds. They are small, affectionate and in fact curious by nature. They are one of the best dogs to have around the home especially a well fenced residential apartment. Perfect companions for kids and families, bocker dog breeds are one of the most affectionate dogs to own.

How to Take Care of Them

Just like other dogs, bocker dogs require regular veterinary checkups as this is what makes them stay health and optimal in their activities and daily routine. A bocker dog breed that is properly taken are of can live up to 15 years; that’s 15 years of companionship.

Bocker dogs are prone to weight, thus make sure you take your dog for at least 2 walks per day with intermittent play sessions during the day.

Also, make sure you trim their nails before it gets too long.

Check their ears regular for waxy build up or any ear infections for prompt treatment.

In addition, you need to take cognizance of your bockers’ oral health, by brushing their teeth daily as instructed by your veterinary doctor. Also, you can give them dog chews, especially those that would last for 20mins to several days.

Natural and Safe Food

The food formulation for your dog should be that of a small dog with high energy. It is also important to make sure the food is of high quality. Follow a routine schedule and never over feed your bocker dogs, since they have the tendency of becoming oversight.

Their nutritional requirements would change as they develop from puppyhood through to adulthood. Thus, make sure you ask your veterinary doctor about the variations in food and nutritional requirement for the bocker dogs. Not all food is safe for the locker dog breed, so it is important to stick to feed them with the natural food for their breed, not just following the popular feeding routine for other dogs. Bockers are special and should be treated as such, even to their feeding.

10 Most Popular Dogs for Kids

Here is a list 10 popular types of dogs found around homes, for kids and families.

  • Bull dog
  • Beagle
  • Collie
  • Bull terrier
  • Newfoundland
  • Vizsla
  • Irish setter
  • Poodle
  • Labrador Retriever
  • Golden Retriever

This list may not be entirely exclusive and you can be sure to get an awesome experience breeding one or more of these dogs. Most of them are perfect play companions for your kid(s) and they also very affectionate beings, giving your home an aura of love, care and affection.


Dog Games

Being a dog lover is awesome, and you can make a selective choice of games based on your love for dogs. Amazingly there are numerous video games that are dog themed. Thus, using your knowledge about dogs can translate to a wonderful gaming experience.

It is not out of place to state that numerous online casino platforms now embrace the use of animal themes. These Online dog themed casino slots are the best Slots to choose as a dog lover. You do not only have an edge over other players, you have better chances of winning and placing the right bets.

An example of a dog themed casino slot is Puppy love slots game by betsoft gaming, this awesome game has a unique theme that centers around puppies.

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