We purchased a slackline early in the summer for the purpose of the crew to play on while we are camping away at festival weekends over the summer while we chilled out in the evenings at the camp site. WRONG!
We got so addicted to this new extreme balance sport that we go slacking a few times each week.
Our new love for slacklining was only amplified when we met up with the Maverick Slackline guys at

Slackline across a stream!

Cliffhanger and had a great weekend with them.
We’re now looking at setting up a permanent Cardiff Slackline Club (currently on facebook here) to get more interest and to provide people the chance to try out another extreme sport.
So if you see us out and about on the stilts but fancy a go on a slackline then just ask us as we usually take a line with us wherever we go.

What is Slacklining?

It’s basically taking a specially made 2″ wide piece of webbing and tieing it up between two fixed points, usually trees, and it turns into a very narrow trampoline. At first the fun and addiction just comes from trying to walk the line but this soon turns into trying simple trampoline tricks.
As with bocking, it’s surprising how much of a work out it is and how much fun it is so get slacking now!

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