Capital Bocking

For years Capital Bocking has been the biggest event on the bocking calendar. However in 2010 it didn’t happen at all and for the simple reason that nobody was willing to take the initiative and organise it.
This year though we decided to bring capital bocking back to the welsh capital and unfortunately due to festivals and events every weekend during July and August we had to make do with a weekday for CB. So we did and on Tuesday August 16th – exactly 3 years since CB first hit cardiff bay – bockers from all over the country treked over the severn bridge to visit us in the oval basin. At first we worried about the welsh weather but the clouds soon broke and the sun came out.
The numbers were not as big as 2008 but that’s what happens when we have it on a tuesday but everyone had a brilliant time and we got some seriously good bocking done. Professional bockers Joe Legg and Simeon (kiola) gave everyone some real inspiration with their multiple backflip tumbles including backflip full twists. Our veryown Jake Tucker gave them a run for their money with his own 360 backflip and tunnel flips.

We’d like to thank everyone for making the journey to Cardiff and we look forward to seeing you all again soon.

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