Chairman and Co-Founder

Matthew Lock started this club in 2006 and is the heart and soul of the Welsh Bockers. In the early days, bocking in the UK was a very rare activity and Matt spent many weekends driving all over the country to meet up with other bockers, many of whom are still close friends with him.
Matt is also known as the phantom backflipper due to his ability to not backflip at festivals despite announcing it several times!

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Swansea Co-ordinator

Ricky heads up the Swansea crew, not really by choice but just because he was first. He often comes down to Cardiff to bock with everyone at Cardiff Bay or to join at the gym sessions. Ricky is also usually present at weekend festivals or events that we’re involved with.


Committee Member

Neil is one of our 2010 additions and we’re really pleased to have him on the committee. He’s very down to earth (unless he’s going for a backflip) and can make friends with anyone quickly and easily.


This is Steffan. His name is Steffan.

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Rob is one of the 2012 Cardiff crew and although he has only been bocking for a short while he shows no fear and willing to learn quickly. Rob has rabies.


Mikey was born as a female chimpanzee but after a few tablets he turned out just fine.


Myles is like Owen but a little less annoying =)


I’m 12 from cardiff and I started bocking around christmas 2009. Since then I have loved every second I’ve been on my stilts.
I’ve made loads of new friends and enjoy going to events with them and helping people to bock. I go to the gym sessions and at the moment I am learning to do frontflips. The first set of stilts i had were pro-jumps 110′s but those were to stiff for me so then matt (the founder) kindly offerd me 60′s to lend then the following christmas i got my pro-jump exos and i still use them now. I think they are well built and a cool design.


Nathan is Jake’s younger brother and is quickly following in his footsteps. Nathan is the youngest person we know of to land a backflip in the world.

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Committee Member

Simon is a fairly new bocker who comes from Pontypool and is keen to get as many people bocking as possible.


Deano taught stone cold steve austin how to drink beer.


Jake is an amazing bocker. He makes even the most difficult tricks look very easy. Famous for doing multiple backflips and even multiple 360 backflips!


Club Mascot

This is sheepy. He comes with us to most places and can be seen shouting orders at the rest of the bockers at events and festivals.


Jack is our youngest bocker at just 10 years old.

Gravity. It's not just a good idea. Its the law.